Booking of Cabins

Booking and payment

The booking has been confirmed when the customer has made an advance payment (1/3 of the rent and a service fee of 14 euros) by the due date. The final payment will be made 5 weeks before the first day of the booked period. If the booking is done later than the due date of the final payment, the customer must pay the entire sum immediately after the booking. Enclosed with the invoice, the customer will get a booking confirmation and directions to the cabin and to the place from which to get the key. To get the key, the customer will have to present a receipt on the payment. In connection with the rent, the customer must also pay a guarantee fee of 200 euros, which will be returned to the customer after the rental period.



Advance payment will not be refunded!

Staying in the destination

The customer must, 2 days before the rental period, inform the one who will deliver the keys of the estimated time of arrival. The cabin can be used by the customer from 4 p.m. on the day of arrival to noon on the day of departure. The rent for the accommodation contains (unless otherwise mentioned in the confirmation) the bedding, the wood for the fireplace, basic kitchen utensils and dishes, and the fuel for cooking and the heating and lighting of the cabin. Customers will bring their own bedlinen and clean the cabin during their stay and when they leave. If the rental destination has not been cleaned at the end of residency, Ylä-Lapin Vuokramökit has the right to collect a cleaning charge of 84–337 euros. The customer can also order the cleaning in advance from Ylä-Lapin Vuokramökit, in which case it is much cheaper. Bedlinen can also be rented from Ylä-Lapin Vuokramökit.


Paying for damage

Customers will pay for any damage that they may cause to the destination or its movable property directly to the owner of the cabin.


Any complaints concerning the equipment or the condition of the accommodation destination must be directed to Ylä-Lapin Vuokramökit IMMEDIATELY DURING THE VACATION. If the matter is not corrected, a written complaint must be submitted to Ylä-Lapin Vuokramökit within 7 days (168 hours) from the end of the rental period. If the customer and Ylä-Lapin Vuokramökit do not reach an agreement on the matter, the customer can take the dispute to the Consumer Disputes Board. Ylä-Lapin Vuokramökit is not responsible for changes that may occur in these terms after their publication due to causes not in the control of Ylä-Lapin Vuokramökit.